Expats on Samui

As you surf the Internet looking to find ‘real’ information about the idyllic island of Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand, A small bungalow on Maenam Beach is an expat's dreamyou will with great frustration find yourself bombarded with advertisements for villas, snorkelling trips and property for sale. You may even come across a Thai wife or two available for you. Koh Samui is an island with two very distinct sides to it. One is the commercial side, where 5-Star Resorts and accommodations picket the Internet for new visitors. The other side is one that most who know of it, keep it quiet.

If you are shopping in the local markets in Maenam you might have to give your head a shakeMaenam is one of the secrets of Koh Samui without doubt. Here you will find many expats at home. Shops are more oriented towards those who live here, or holiday here on a permanent basis, such as famous celebrities and a plethora of movie stars.

If you are shopping in the local markets in Maenam you might have to give your head a shake as you recognise some of the stars or starlets blending in with the local people and living their lives paparazzi free.  Maenam is an island home for many.

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  1. Visit Samui says:

    Is living in Maenam expensive? If there are so many celebrities there, are the shops posh and high class?

    • Interestingly enough the answer is no. There are of course high-end shops all over the island, but Maenam is actually less populated by the tourists for shopping, and prices here are much less than in Chaweng. The famous people here choose to be regular people, with regular lives, and quite often regular budgets!

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