Koh Samui’s Hottest Days

All year summer on Koh SamuiKoh Samui is proud to have not only a beautiful collection of holiday villas, bungalows and beach properties that you can take advantage of to enjoy the most pleasurable holiday imaginable, but it also has year round weather that is more than a delight.

In Northern countries just as the weather is starting to cool down, Koh Samui is experiencing some of the most stunning weather patterns conceivable. Sun drenched beaches on Koh SamuiWith almost 12 hours of sunlight reaching temperatures of an afternoon high of 32 degrees C. the months of September through December are a Snowbird’s dream come true. Koh Samui is experiencing some of the most stunning weather patterns conceivableWith the exception of the Monsoon rains that are slightly unpredictable from year to year in November, the sun outshines the rainy days for the majority of the year. February through April the temperatures slowly climb to their peak, and the Water Festival of Songkran in April is the breaking point where the local people of Koh Samui entertain the foreign population with the world’s largest water-fight. The duration of the year the sun shines brightly, the winds blow gently, and the seasons range from warm, to warmer, to hot once again completing the cycle of weather on this paradise island in the sun.

Spectacle of colors in the sky

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  1. I have read that the weather is pretty much consistent on Koh Samui year-round, but how are the tides? Does Koh Samui have drastic changes in the tides? Is swimming good year round also?

    • The tides in the Gulf of Thailand change by approximately 2 meters from lowest to highest, although in the Monsoons of November the seas will swell with the odd storm. This allows for great swimming throughout the year. In May and June when the tides are typically at their lowest, this allows for some of the best times to experience the coral reefs surrounding the island. Exposed for a few hours of the day, the reefs come to life above the water for this duration of time, and snorkeling is an adventure that must be on the agenda.

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