Maenam, Koh Samui Walking Street

Maenam Walking StreetOne of the newest additions to the nightlife activities that are occurring on the coconut isle of Koh Samui have been named the Walking Streets. Now as opposed to what you just might expect happening in a Pattaya Walking Street, the ones that are on Samui are of a much different nature.

Here you will find food vendors, and some of the most unique items available on Koh Samui.

From twisted lights to Koh Samui Passports A huge variety of handmade goods produced by localsand very, very cheap drinks this Walking Street gives the Expat as well as the Tourist something to do beyond the ordinary. Starting at 17:00 every Thursday, the market opens up with traditional Thai smiles, fried insects, cotton candy and a plethora of goods handmade by local and national hands.

Food vendors at Maenam Walking StreetFood tasting is by far the most popular activity, as many vendors will allow you a taste before buying. But since most things are inexpensive it is worth buying them and sharing for the experience. The streets are closed to traffic and the surrounding established shops, bars and restaurants are also open for a sit down snack and drink.

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  1. In Chaweng says:

    Is there any entertainment at the Maenam Walking Street?

    • All of the Walking Streets on Koh Samui are being carefully handled by a group of local people, interfacing with government officials to try and make this a beneficial and long-term project. There is in fact entertainment, however not every night. Special events will be advertised, particularly during Thailand’s annual festive events.

      The Maenam Walking street has a stunning Chinese Temple in the middle.
      The Maenam Walking Street does have one venue that the others do not, a stunning Chinese Temple in the middle of the street. This is a must see, especially at night.

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