Maenam Massages – Koh Samui offers Pleasure in the Jungle

More and more types of massaging techniques are Massage in Maenambeing introduced at spas on Koh Samui, and they are beginning to also find their place not on the beaches, Hot stone massage is popular on Samuibut inland where the serene tranquility of the jungles combined with the peaceful ambiance of nature merge the Thai techniques with the bliss of Samui’s natural surroundings.

Some of the massage styles that are available at spas found in the village of Maenam include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, oil massage and shiatsu. Basalt rock from the volcanoes of the Pacific ring of fireThe hot stone massage technique is also quite popular on Samui. A licensed masseuse will carry out the hot stone massage utilising a type of rock that is obtained from the volcanic regions of the Pacific rim of fire called basalt rock. Hot stone massage has the ability to enhance the circulation of the blood in your body and relieve the soreness of the muscles.The constant slow drip of oil brings a relaxed consciousness that you get with no other massage

Besides offering massaging services, Maenam spas also offer other types of health services such as exercise rooms, herbal steam rooms, Jacuzzis and swimming pools. Some spa treatment centres even have grooming and relaxation rooms.

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  1. Are all Spas expensive? Are there Day Spas on Samui, or all of the spa facilities attached to 5-Star resorts and hotels?

    • On Samui, the spas often offer body pampering services that can be expensive, but you really do get what you pay for. The body pampering service involves rubbing natural ingredients onto the body. The natural ingredients prepared by the masseuse are based on the temperaments of the body and involve a great deal of care and training to facilitate. Examples of body pampering treatment services include body wraps, toning and cleansing. All these techniques aim to energize your body. Aroma foot bath and massage The stress on your body will be relieved completely when you get these types of massages. After you feel rejuvenated, you can pamper your body further with pedicure services.

      Some spas offer a full range of holistic treatment services. These holistic treatments encourage you to understand and also lead a healthier lifestyle. Services ranging from hydrotherapy to acupuncture and reflexology and can be found at locations away from the more expensive resorts and exclusive well-known hotels.

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