Maenam’s Fiery Fireworks

There is much to be said about a person who likes to blow things up. Now don’t get all concerned while on The Firework Shop in Maenamyour holiday on Koh Samui, there aren’t any pyromaniacs running around setting off bombs that haven’t been carefully planned out.
Firepower for the Asian nights …

Planned so well in fact, that during every night of the year explosions A staff team of trained and experienced professional pyrotechniciansfrom Khun La-on, the owner/manager of ‘The Firework Shop in Maenam’, can be seen lighting up the Asian nights. Glorified as the first person ever to get government authorization for a fully dedicated firework shop on the island of Samui, she is not only pyrotechnical waterfallacknowledged by many as Samui’s fireworks expert with more experience and knowledge of fireworks than anyone else on Samui, but she also has a staff team of trained and experienced professional pyrotechnicians. If you’re not the sort to light the fuse and run, her team will shoot your display for you, free of charge, so that all you have to do is to sit back and enjoy your very own firework display.

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  1. Bang Rak says:

    I am staying at the Coconut Resort in Bang Por, is this shop able to set off a fireworks display for a private party here?

    • Big bangs that make your private party the talk of the beachEverything from little kid’s toys with small ‘bangs’ and pretty effects… up to ‘big kid’s toys’ with (very) BIG bangs, and the most amazing effects can make your private party the talk of the beach. Just have your resort manager contact them for you, and they’ll be there with more firepower than the Thai Navy!

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